New horizons…
Traveling the world often exposes us to the delicate balance between people and the environment. It can take us from sprawling cities to squalid slums, from thirsty deserts to thriving forests, from high-rises to huts, from comfort to chaos. My mother and I both have a keen passion for travel and adventure, and this year, we have set our sights on new horizons, set our minds to bold commitments, and set our hearts on challenging goals.

Although I did not know at the time, when I ran my first half-marathon in 2006 I was embarking on an incredible journey with my mother. We raced in Anchorage, Alaska, kicking-off my mom’s personal goal to complete a half-marathon on all seven continents. Over 13.1 miles we passed Alaska’s distant peaks, lush valleys, and rapidly receding glaciers. My sister and I ran again with my mom in 2008 for her seventh and final continent. The race took us to Brazil, a country home to over half of the world’s remaining rainforests, yet the world’s largest contributor to deforestation.

Bold commitments…
With two continents completed together, my mom and I set out to be the first “mother-daughter team” to run a half-marathon on all seven continents. We were selected to participate in the Antarctica half-marathon on March 10th, 2014 after over four years on a waitlist…and so begins the next leg of our race!

It is difficult to fathom being in the presence of Antarctica’s towering glaciers, abundant wildlife, and lonesome mystique. There is no place else on Earth that is so untouched by man, yet so immensely altered by the human race. With only a week until we begin our journey South, I am both excited and humbled by this unique opportunity to explore one of the planet’s most precious and pristine landscapes.

Challenging Goals…
While running half-marathons brings great satisfaction, the fulfillment we get from our work with Rooted In Hope is even more rewarding. Our seven-continent journey is more than just a commitment to run. We are running the world to promote the importance of sustainability, protect the planet’s resources, empower rural communities, and harness collective action to drive global change. For each continent we run, and each step we take, we are blazing a path towards sustainable development.

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