Rooted In Hope was founded nearly five years ago in Morgan Hill, California, a small town nestled in the foothills of the south Bay Area. Over those five years much of our work has been carried out in Africa, but made possible by people at home. With support from our local community, Rooted In Hope has helped bring new growth to people and forests worlds away. To celebrate our roots and the people who have helped drive our programs forward, we organized a local project in Morgan Hill.

In May, over twenty people joined us in a 5K/10K fun run in Gilroy, California to raise funds for a local tree planting. With the help of the city’s Planning Committee, we identified a site at the Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex in need of tree cover. We worked with local tree expert and enthusiast, Michael Bonfante, to determine the appropriate species, sizes, and positioning of the seedlings to be planted.

Last week, a group from Bonfante Nurseries teamed up with Rooted In Hope and planted the 40 young sycamores along the edge of the sports complex. This sycamore species is native to California and can reach over 100 feet in height. The 40 trees we planted will grow to be tall and strong, providing shade and natural beauty in our local community for years to come. Thank you to everyone who supported this local project and who continue to help make a difference at home and abroad.