In the heart of Central America on the Pacific coast is El Salvador, a tiny country full of vibrant color, striking volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and friendly people. Last month, we traveled to the Usulután province in the southern part of the country to help rural communities combat the challenges of climate change.

Rooted In Hope was invited to visit the town of Berlín and install drip irrigation systems for subsistence farmers in the surrounding villages. We were delighted to work with Katherine Pater of Our Sister Parish, whose mission is to bring hope and social development to the impoverished communities of Berlín. Katherine has lived and worked in El Salvador for nearly three years, supporting projects that help to create a better future for the people of Berlín.

Most of the population in the Usulután province relies on small-scale agriculture as a primary source of food and income. Facing increasing drought and shifting climate patterns, many farmers are struggling to maintain their crops and harvest enough to provide for their families. With the introduction of our drip irrigation system, we hope to help these farmers conserve water, increase crop yields, and become more resilient to changes in climate.

Our systems can support up to 120 plants and are designed to supply water directly to the roots, allowing for efficient use of land, time, and resources. Since the water flow is controlled by a valve, farmers can utilize the system even during the dry season and times of no rain. With the potential to provide year-round harvests, this small-scale, low-cost technology has the ability to bring greater food security and more income to the families.

After successfully installing drip irrigation systems in the communities of Casa de Zacate and Los Yanez, we are eager to see how the “drip kits” help farmers to overcome the challenges of water shortage and crop loss. It is our hope that we will be able to continue expanding this project to reach more families in El Salvador and around the world.

We appreciate everyone who helped to make this project possible, including Screen Pilot, who helped with the assembly and preparation of the kits, The Home Depot, who donated materials, and the many individuals who contributed funds to the project. A special thanks to Our Sister Parish and the Pastoral House in Berlín for hosting the Rooted In Hope team and engaging us in this important project. Through partnerships and innovation, we are delivering small solutions to big challenges.


To read more about our project in El Salvador, check out Katherine’s blog post.

Post by Katie Emick