The role of agroforestry on small farms

Rooted In Hope brings agroforestry solutions to smallholder farmers and rural communities. We help supply and plant trees on small family farms to increase soil fertility, reduce land degradation, improve crop productivity, and provide additional sources of food and income. Agroforestry helps farmers to reduce dependence of forest resources and provides families with a home supply of fuel-wood, fodder, fertilizer, and food.

By planting a variety of tree seedlings on farms, including fast-growing and fruit-bearing trees, we are helping small farmers grow their resources and improving the health, diversity, and sustainability of their land. The role of agroforestry on these farms has been significant and has brought new growth to the land and to the families that live and work on these farms.

To learn more about the benefits of agroforestry, view the Agroforestry Factsheet provided by USDA.

How you can help

We are raising funds to support the planting of 1,000 mango, avocado, and walnut trees in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Every $5 donated helps us plant one tree seedling!

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