5 Reasons Drip Irrigation Is a Big Win for Small-Scale Farmers

Smallholder farmers across the globe, from the dry plains of East Africa to the coastal mountains of Central America, are disproportionately affected by climate change. Droughts, floods, pests, and diseases are impacting crop production and [...]

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Big challenges, big dreams: Learning from Kenyan students

As I enter into the dim-lit classroom at Njengu Primary School, the students faces light up – big smiles and shy chuckles fill the room. I look around at the dirt floors, the thin wooden [...]

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Farm to table in the Masai Mara

When you think of fresh produce, do you picture a grocery store or a garden? We visited the Angama Mara Camp in southwest Kenya, situated atop the Oloololo escarpment looking out over the vast plains [...]

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Seeds that feed us: A visit to the ECHO Asia Seed Bank

Do you ever consider the complete lifecycle of the fruits and vegetables you eat? Each one started as a tiny seed that was nurtured and cultivated before transforming into a plant and eventually making its [...]

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Small margins in El Salvador’s markets

At the Sunday market in Berlín, El Salvador, the streets are bustling with vendors selling their vegetables. Some have only a basket of goods to sell, while others set up a small table with a [...]

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Where do you get your water?

What do you do when you're thirsty? Open a bottle of water? Turn on the tap and fill your glass? One in ten people around the world do not have that privilege. For the 783 [...]

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