Worlds Apart, Working Together 

Rooted In Hope connects students in the United States with students in Africa through our Sister-School program.

Rooted in Hope has engaged over 3,000 students as part of our reforestation and environmental conservation efforts. We work with schools in the USA and Kenya to teach lessons on conservation and culture. In past programs, students in the USA learned Kiswahili phrases and viewed videos and photos of their sister school in Kenya, while the Kenyan students performed poems on the environment and participated in tree planting field trips. The students exchange letters and work on classroom activities that allow them to learn about the environment, while learning about one another. Through this sister-school program, students get the opportunity to engage in cross-cultural collaboration through environmental conservation.

Sister-School Program Photos

Letters from the USA

Tahoe Letters 3Tahoe Letters 2








Letters from Kenya








Interested in getting your school involved? Please Contact Us for information on participating in this program