Forests play a key role in sustainable development. Our reforestation and tree-planting efforts help to combat climate change, recharge watersheds, improve biodiversity, and restore wildlife habitats.
Feeding the global population is a growing challenge. We advance food security by supporting smallholder farmers with the resources and information they need to increase crop productivity and conserve resources.
Millions of people around the world lack access to safe water. We help to improve water availability for rural families through our water-harvesting and drip-irrigation projects.
Nonprofit working at the intersection of forests, food, and water on grassroots projects that drive sustainable development in rural communities.
A world where people can meet their needs and fulfill their dreams while preserving the natural resources of the planet.
Founded in 2010 by a mother and her two daughters determined to make a positive difference in the world.

Our Projects


Restoring tree cover in Kenya’s Aberdare National Park

Drip Irrigation

Helping smallholder farmers improve productivity


Creating income opportunities for rural women’s groups


Engaging students in environmental conservation

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“Thanks so much Rooted In Hope for being such an inspiration to the women. We are so, so grateful. I hope we are able to expand the programs and reach the many that don’t have access to green energy.”
Joyce Mureithi, Local Volunteer/Coordinator, Kenya
“Cathy, Jenny, & Katie – Leave a legacy with Rooted In Hope. God Bless you.”
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, MV Explorer 9/17/10
“We greatly feel honored by your donation towards the purchase of a school donkey. This beast of burden will assist in ferrying water to the school. We are proud to be associated with your organisation.”
Maina Wanjau, Principal - Muramati Secondary School, Kenya